GB-Ibioscoop Functioning

GBiBioscoop, cooperative established in Guinea Bissau working in the development of the agroforestry, the agropasteuralism and biological permaculture in West Africa via the agreements of the African Union according to the principles of the decrease. This means that she refuses massive deforestation in favour of the open field but that on the contrary, she tends to preserve as well as possible what is already on the spot and she arranges around what is to be preserved alleys of productive trees and clairères of plantation between these trees. It supports the breeding in order to amander the grounds and to increase the incomes and to work in animal haulage to limit the expenses and the compressing of the grounds
These cultivation techniques have the advantage of increasing, without chemical inputs, the productions and of fighting effectively against the desertification, deforestation, the impoverishment of the grounds in humus, living organisms and water.
For that, it will support the breeding
Pigs and goats: indeed are formidable clearers
donkeys and cattle for the animal haulage. They can tractor draw hoeingmachines because we do not support the major ploughing which kills the life of the ground and drains the grounds. Moreover they can bring milk. Asss milk d for the soap and the cows milk for yoghurts and formings and other desserts.
they can also be used for the hippomobility.
market gardening according to the principles of permaculture
culture of the medicinal herbs in order to open herb trade to prepare dyeings mothers and to look after most healthily possible at low prices. harvest in medicinal herbs will be able to also be the object of sale to the international one
It will support the safeguarding of the species of medicinal trees and will take part in the safeguard of local knowledge in herb trade.
in addition, by sylviculture it will support the insdustry of wood that it is for fragmented wood, the culture of invaluable wood and sawlog or for the food of the cattle in dry period
For all that, the cooperative accompanies the farmer in his design, the choice of the cultures and their establishment according to the geological and social context. Thus it forms it.
But above all, the farmer will have become a associate cooperator according to the conditions specified in the contract signed between the cooperative and he even. This contract can be flexible. Indeed it is adapted to the need for the farmer in the condition which it converts with the agroforestry according to the organic charter of Ecocert.
It will understand the assistances with the establishment advanced on the sales to come.
the sales could be local, national or international. They will be done on the various sites of GBIbioscoop or by its network expoirtator for the international sales.
In fact Ibioscoop will buy the delivered productions.
Because cooperative integral, GBiBioscoop takes then the management of the transformation and the marketing of the production under organic label thus with according to the terms of the contract.
Each cooperator becomes a associate by the purchase of at least a share and the signing of a contract which binds it to the scoop according to its agricultural project or of agrotourism
The marketing and processing sectors offer creation appropriatenesses of various workshops and vary with cooperators not farmers. the request for opening of a ateliert depends on the possibility of each one. It is the object of a passage in committee. Once accepted, AC is builtin a team of its register or incorporates in its register of other AC in order to make profitable via the bioscoop its action.
There are three categories of AC according to the statutes: the intern, the mixed one and the external one.
Any offered or lavished service will cause an invoice. With the scoop inhouse currency, in CFA or another currencies via invoicing of the scoop the abroads into external
Coomment to become a simple Associate of support or Associated Cooperator?
To choose in the wheel: Guide of the associates PLEASE!