Principles of GB-Ibioscoop

The cooperative Guinea Bissau BioScoop Integral has as a project to practise economic and political selfmanagement with the levelling participation of its members. This is why it takes this legal form legally.
Integral to join all the basic elements of an economy such as the production, consumption, the financialization and its own currency and its own health care system, because she wants to integrate at the same time all the branches of industry necessary to the life in order to enjoy a certain autonomy thereafter.
It is organized and functioned in the environment of the Guinean capital of Bissau.
The social, professional and individual companies can take part according to their type of adhesion in order to exchange services at the Integral Cooperative internally and or to sell apart from the Cooperative by its skew or not according to the type of adhesion chosen, whereas as consuming all the participants can supply itself at the best price and in local currency as much near the associates, than in the stores of the cooperative will allow the wholesale purchase of external products or than near the producing members who work and produce outside in local currency to allow us to build a less individualistic and less destroying social lifestyle for the environment.